Thursday, March 06, 2008

Bill Wyman

Today in Music History:

In 1983 Adam Ant is the first guest VJ on MTV.

Back in the 80's when The Rolling Stones were fooling around with songs which would eventually become the classic album Tattoo You, Bill Wyman released his third solo album in 1982, simply titled Bill Wyman. The critics gave it a thumbs down because hey, it wasn't the Stones. Looking back at it now it was a classic 80's album full of synth pop tunes. Most of them pretty catchy. I was introduced to this album courtesy of my friend the duck back in the 80's. He even let me borrow it for a while. Not an easy thing to do because you could only get it as an import back then. And if I had messed it up by spilling beer on it or scratching it the duck would have had my nads in a vice. My favorite track on the album has to be Come Back Suzanne which is a damn catchy tune. Bill's work with the Rhythm Kings is pretty good stuff but I really liked this album and I say to hell with the critics. Fun is Fun. I think you'll like it too. Don't bother with the critics, If you can find this out of print gem then buy and enjoy the sounds of the 80-s. The synthesizers, drum machines and all.

(Si, Si) Je Suis Un Rock Star by Bill Wyman
Come Back Suzanne by Bill Wyman
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