Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Subterfuge by 999

No more sappy Christmas music. Most of these blogs have been posting Christmas bleecch including this one. A new year is closing in and it's time to rock. How about a good punk band from the late 70's. I apologize to my 6,000 readers for taking a holiday break so now I'm back. This song is worth the wait, eh? Before I go to the song deal I realize most of you cheap sons of guns are only here to steal an mp3 real quick but please take a second to donate some relief bucks to the tsunami victims by clicking on the amazon button I have here. It all goes to the red cross and these people have suffered a terrible tragedy. While we're at it, it costs me bandwidth to serve these tunes up so at least click the google ad once in a while. You're gettin' this song free eh? So 999 is a band I found in the 80's that freakin' rock. Not well known although they should be. For some reason I've misplaced my fave song so I'll go with this one.

Subterfuge by 999

I listen to this shit alot. You should too.
go get it now

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