Monday, January 17, 2005

The Donnas

The Donnas, click for larger imageWhen I first heard The Donnas back in 1998 I was struck by their Ramones meet the Runaways type sound. I thought that these girls held a lot of promise. I mean this was pretty good stuff for a group who recorded their first album while still in high school. Through the years the Donnas have grown up and their sound has matured a lot. Make no mistake these pretty gals can rock hard. Whenever I watch them I am amazed by Torry the drummer. The most petite of the bunch and she hammers the skins relentlessly and I wonder how she keeps from collapsing. My favorite albums are Get Skintight and The Donnas Turn 21.

The song I'm offering up here today is from their first album released in 1998 simply titled The Donnas

Get Rid of That Girl by The Donnas

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