Thursday, January 20, 2005

I thunk this

Tomorrow the Rev. Horton Heat and 999 songs will be taken down so I can post some new ones. If you have'nt had a chance to sample these mp3's you've got a little time left. Unfortunately I have very little server space so I gots to make room. Now if people started visiting my sponsors maybe I could afford a little more space for tunes but I digress.

I was reading on several mp3 blogs about one site who is having a bit of trouble and was shut down. I forget the name, was it moistworks? Anyway it looks like us mp3 bloggers will be the next target of the record industry. That's a shame really. Here we are trying to promote the music we love and the majority of us encourage people to go out and buy the artist that we spotlight even providing links on our posts where they can buy the stuff. We do more promoting for the artists than the industry itself does and they'll probably be suing us next.

Once upon a time when i was young and foolish and had extra money to spend, I amassed a CD collection of over 1200 titles. I'm older and poorer now and let's just say someone else is now the owner of that collection. I rarely buy cds now because number 1 reason is that they are way overpriced. In the last year I had purchased 1 cd. Then I started reading these mp3 blogs and as a result in the last month I have purchased 5 new cds all due to some of the blogs I've read. If I hadn't have had the chance to hear and explore some of this music on these blogs I would have never purchased the discs. Do you hear that music industry? That is a 400% increase of my spending all because of mp3 bloggers. I think that mp3 bloggers are about the best marketing tool the industry has and we don't even get paid for it. We even pay our own hard earned money to have someone host our files for us. So I say if you want to go after us bloggers then that would be like cutting your nose off to spite your face.
Rant over. Some new shit tomorrow.

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