Friday, January 28, 2005

More of the Coop

Alice CooperI don't normally do back to back pots on the same artist but I had some more I wanted to add about Alice Cooper. My mom bought me my first Alice Cooper album when I was 11. It was the School's Out album. From that day I have been a rabid fan. Even when Alice went new wave in the 80's with albums like Flush the Fashion, Special Forces, and From the Inside. I loved these albums while a lot of people thought they were crap. I stuck by Alice through the lean years and then he came back with a vengeance with the Constrictor album.

A comment from Spin in my last post made me realize that I had not made myself as clear as I should have on the previous post. Spin said:

Glen Buxton, Dennis Dunaway, Michael Bruce and Neal Smith were a big part of what made (The) Alice Cooper (Group) great. They co-wrote and played on most of the hits songs associated with Alice, including "School's Out."

Since embarking on a solo career, Alice Cooper has produced a hell of a lot more shit than good music. Welcome to My Nightmare (solo album #1 in 1976) was good. Flush the Fashion (released in 1980) was refreshingly direct. But From the Inside? And Lace and Whiskey? Yecch.

While I agree that the stage show was groundbreaking, I'd like to see the whole original band inducted, not just the singer.

I totally agree with what he said in the first paragraph, the group should be inducted not just the front man. Which brings up the case of inducting him twice, once with the group and once as solo artist. I agree Alice really strayed from his roots with 4 or 5 albums but like I said I enjoyed them all. Thanks for the feedback Spin.

Today I'm featuring not one, but two tracks from Alice's so called new wave phase. Both tracks are extremely good and may get people to check out these forgotten classics.

Clones(We're all) by Alice Cooper

Who do You think We Are? by Alice Cooper, this is the single version and not the album version.

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