Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Elevator by the Bay City Rollers

The mystery song was by the Bay City Rollers. You can't mention the 70's without a brief mention of this Scottish band. Who in the world has not heard Saturday Night, I dare you to raise your hand. My musical tastes lean toward hard edged rock, blues, punk etc., like I've said before I like all kinds of music and have a soft spot for good fun pop music. Which is what the Bay City Rollers were. By the time I was in my thirties I had managed to collect all their albums, imports included, from the seventies. Notice I said albums and not CD's.
The mystery song came from the 1979 album Elevator which you will be hard pressed to find. As a matter of fact I don't think you'll ever find this song on CD, only on a rare vinyl pressing. This album came out as their career was tailspinning into obscurity and it's one of my favorites.

The winner of the mp3 CD is Todd who found his way here via Web Nymph. This is what Todd had to say about figuring out this song.

I did my best to figure out the first line of the song (I would have never gotten it right without that) and at first I too thought it was Cabaret Voltaire : Spies In The Wires (like someone said in the comment) but after listening to that song, I realized it couldn't have been right. So I listened a couple more times and did some more searches.
Finally I tried this one: "laughing at their situation" lyrics and although I only got one hit on the first page for the bay city rollers, I figured it might be right and gave it a shot. Lo & Behold!
I was correct!
So there you are. Now I have to start work on Todd's new CD and see what kinds of new music I can introduce to him. Oh before I forget here's the song. Give it a chance it'll really grow on you like some kind of Kudzu. Besides it's a rarity and the link earlier in this post is one of the few places you'll find it.

I plan to run another one of these contests in about a month, but this time there will be no lyrics and it will be a much shorter snippet of a well known song. Thanks to all of you who participated.