Sunday, February 06, 2005

Free music

Apparently no one is interested in receiving a cd filled with over 150 mp3's. My previous post outlined how you could win this. Pretty easy. guess the song. I will be giving hints out if everyone seems to be stumped. This is a relatively new blog and for just starting up I receive about 150 hits a day. This tells me that people are here to just leech as must music as they can, Leech this, take a guess win the equiuvalent of 15 cd's if you guess right. Hint #1 This song came out between 1975 and 1995 and never saw the charts. See previous post for more info,like the song clip.

What would it hurt to take a guess. I am nobody and I am not trying to scam anyone.

If you're here to steal as much music as you can, then fuck you. This blog is a vehicle to introduce you to good fucking music, and I really want to give this thing away. I know that when you hear this disc, you'll think crap, I've missed out on some good freakin' music. Listen to the radio and you'll see why I'm giving this away. It all sucks. Let's get back to some good rockin' tonight eh?

See previous post for contest shit.