Sunday, February 13, 2005

Helluva Band

The year was 1975, KISS was just about the biggest thing to hit the states in a long while. Gene Simmons took a night off and went to a nightclub in DC. There he saw a band that blew him away. Rumour has it that by 3 am the band had a record contract because Gene was so impressed. Thus began the saga of Angel. Who the fuck is Angel you say .

ANGEL is synonymous with a stunning image, a spectacular stage show (rivaled only by record company labelmates KISS), superb rock songs and arguably the best band logo-type in rock history (Look at the ANGEL logo then turn the page upside down).
Circus Magazine readers voted ANGEL top new group of 1976 ahead of HEART and BOSTON (no easy feat considering the popularity of BOSTON's debut LP that year)
Angel rocked hard in a 70's full of disco. I have so many Angel stories that I will stop here because my next 3 posts will be devoted to this awesome overlooked band. But they were a Helluva Band as described by the title of their second album. So today I will feature a song off their classic White Hot album. Buy it I guarantee you won't be sorry. Sadly they self destructed at the height of their fame. As an Angel junkie this came as a huge blow, but their distinctly different style of hard rock will forever live within me. They deserve another look here in the new millennium. Here it is

Don't Leave Me Lonely by Angel

More to come