Thursday, February 24, 2005

Kick it in Second Wind by Jimmy Buffett

In the 80's I joined one of them record club deals just about the time CD's were coming into their own. Well I forgot to mail in my selection of the month card and lo and behold, the postman delivered a CD called "Songs you know by Heart" by Jimmy Buffett.
So when that Cd came in the mail, I can honestly say that I had never heard any of his music. While I was checking out the song listing, I noticed the song Margaritaville and I thought, well hey I think I've heard that song. I decided to keep it and popped it into the CD player, and I can tell you, I had never heard anything like it. I fell in love with his music after one listen. I spent the rest of that night listening to that CD, and by 10 that evening I knew all the words to the songs.
The next day after work I went to the record store and bought every single Jimmy Buffett album I could find, If I remember correctly they only had 4. The first one I popped into the player when I got home was "Volcano". I was blown away. On my next day off I traveled to the big city to go to a real record store and completed my collection of Buffett albums, the older ones I had to buy on cassette because his entire catalog wasn't available on CD yet.

Jimmy's music crosses all boundaries and being a parrothead is like having an extended family. His music and lyrics have had a huge impact on my life. Two years ago my wife and I had a wedding reception with a tropical,Jimmy Buffett theme and everyone was required to wear Hawaiian shirts and it was great, before the actual dance started we had Jimmy playing in the background for hours.

Not everyone is familiar with his music. For example: When I moved to Canada to be with my girlfriend(now my wife), she was a singer in a local band and they even covered "Margaritaville" in their set. She's a music lover as I am, with an exquisite voice. Anyways this was the only Buffett she was familiar with and she didn't know he was still putting out albums and touring every summer, I think her response was, "Isn't he dead?". This from a person who is very knowledgable about all forms of music. I was of course Shocked! I proceeded to educate her about Jimmy and am proud to say that another parrothead has entered the fold.
Unfortunately this is not uncommon, the average Joe only knows him as that Margaritaville guy, and doesn't realize that Jimmy has over 30 albums under his belt and is showing no signs of slowing down.

So the song for today is

Kick it in Second Wind by Jimmy Buffett

This song can be found on the album Havana Daydreamin'. This is Buffett when he was still making up his mind if he was a rocker, a folkie, a country balladeer, or a beach bum guitar player (of course, we now know he turned out to be all 4, which is why parrotheads love their leader so much).