Monday, February 21, 2005

The Tragically Hip

Today's cut comes from the premier Canadian band the Tragically Hip.
Sadly I was only introduced to this band about 3 years ago by my Canadian wife. Canadians love their Hip. I checked out Rolling Stone online to see what they had to say about The Tragically Hip and here is all it says on their bio page.

The Tragically Hip
Genre: Rock/Pop, Country, Roots, Hard Rock, Country Rock

Hometown: Kingston, CA

Currently residing in the "Where Are They Now?" file, these Canadians were on the verge of making it big in the late '80s and early '90s. Their almost unique blues-influenced pop just never caught on with Americans (nor the rest of the world) as much as it did in Canada.
What a load of crap. Where are they Now file?? Alive and well in Canada, Thank you and their last album was killer. It never caught on with Americans because a band this good has a hard time getting airplay against all the crap you hear on the radio in the states. Their sound is a little different I admit but this band deserves a lot more love. So here's a chance for you to grab a tune from one of Canada's most highly respected band. The Tragically Hip.

New Orleans is Sinking by The Tragically Hip

This track comes from their second album called Up to Here. Click the link to purchase or mosey on down to the record store and get your Hip fix.