Saturday, February 19, 2005

White Hot

Damn, I've been sickly. If I had any readers then I apologize for being gone for a while. I'll continue my last post. Angel that is. Maybe they were a bit cheesy. Yeh a lot of cheese there. The all white outfits and extremely long feathered hair. Actually I think their downfall was the image itself and not the music. The album covers loooked almost gay, which back in the 70's was a real taboo. (They weren't)The music could do no wrong. I had a comment from someone who knew more about Punky Meadows(guitar) previous band than his Angel days. I do know that the keyboard shredder magician known as Greg Giuffria went on to 2 solo albums and formed the band House of Lords. He knew he was the backbone of the Angel sound. As to the rest of the band.

I do know that they reformed in 1999 and actually recorded an album with 2 of the original members in the lineup called In the Beginning. Lead Singer Frank DiMino and Barry Brandt on drums. Never heard the album but heard it was just a really bad zeppelin cover band. Except for the one song that Punky Meadows guested on. I heard that was some Angel Shit. Too bad. Regardless I have to give you guys a cut from their first album, This was some wicked shit for 1976 and it sold me, a die hard KISS fan. I give you-

The Tower by Angel

Put it in perspective this album came out when Saturday Night Fever was the biggest thing on the planet. It saved me. They totally bucked the trend. Even KISS put out a disco song. "I Was Made for Lovin' You. Not Angel. They did not conform. Maybe thats what killed them.

You can find out more at this link as to what happening now with Angel. I say this, they saved me when disco ruled.