Friday, February 04, 2005

Win a Disc!

I know it's only a matter of time before the RIAA and similar agencies shut all of us music bloggers down, so in the meantime I'm gonna enjoy. I don't know why they would want to shut down the biggest promoters of their music they have, but they will eventually. I am doing a music giveaway for anyone interested. All you have to do is guess the artist in a 36 second song clip. Sounds easy eh? We'll see. I think you would really have to be a fan to guess this clip. Maybe someone will surprise me. Since I rarely post on a weekend this will give folks something to do over the weekend. Here's what the prize will be. An mp3 cd with aproximately 150 tunes on it. The only drawback is that I pick what goes on it. I will generously pay the postage on it too. What a deal. All you have to do is listen, guess the artist, either leave your guess in the comments with your email or if you don't want anyone to see your answer then email me at the @ symbol for at). Email addresses will only be used for purposes of contacting the winner. In the event that more than one guesses correctly the first one to guess right wins. There may or may not be a second place prize. So spread the word and here goes.

Mystery Song by unknown artist
Iggy Pop
I'll also give ya a song too. Today will be an Iggy Pop song. Man is this guy skinny and ugly. But you gotta love Iggy. I really loved it when he was on The Adventures of Pete and Pete. This song, which came out in 1990, is the first and only top 30 single of his career to date. It's a duet with Kate Pierson of the B 52's and it's from the album Brick By Brick which is my favorite Iggy album. Iggy is quite the actor and has appeared in a lot of offbeat films. The song is