Tuesday, March 22, 2005

April Wine

April Wine formed in late 1969 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but soon relocated to Montreal. "Fast Train," their first hit, appeared in 1971 and the next year brought the band's first Canadian number one single, "You Could Have Been a Lady."

I first came in contact with April Wine from their albums Live at the El Macambo and 1978's First Glance. Then in 1979 they released Harder...Faster which is the album that really sold me. The shit on there blew me away. Their biggest US hit came in 1981 with the song Just Between You and Me from the The Nature Of The Beast album. But that was just cheezy schmaltz. Everything prior to that album was pure rock n roll. I figure that they thought they had to have a snarky ballad to win over American audiences. And they did. I had the pleasure of seeing April Wine perform in a small club here in Victoria BC a couple years ago and I was wickedly surprised. Instead of a bunch of old farts who were just going thru the motions, they sounded excellent and their old stuff sounded better than ever and the new stuff they showcased had me searching for their new album Back to the Mansion the next day. I think Americans can only get this one as an import.

I always thought it was cool that as an American, I had "discovered" April Wine before they got big in the states. People would ask me who's that you're listening to, and I would say "oh that's April Wine a cool Canadian band," and then pretty soon they were listening to them. Now here I am living in Canada. Weird eh?

Today's cut comes from 1979's Harder...Faster and most of you have probably heard it if you've ever listened to classic rock radio .

I Like to Rock by April Wine