Thursday, March 24, 2005

Blame Morissey

I fiddled with the idea of posting songs that had to do with current events and decided to stick with covering older stuff. Today I get to do both. In light of a news story that's getting way, way too much coverage in the states (does feeding tube ring a bell?),I'm gonna feature a Mojo Nixon song. This cut comes from the 1995 album Whereabouts Unknown. I featured Mojo before back in December when I posted the only Christmas song of the month. If anyone thinks that Mojo or myself is tasteless for posting this song then do what Mojo says in the song. Blame Morissey. Yeah, because it's a cover of a Smiths song from their 1987 album called Strangeways Here We Come.

Girlfriend in a Coma by Mojo Nixon

It's a humorous take on the song so don't get up in arms or anything. I'm not an insensitive idjit galoot as Mojo says. Anyways they should let the woman die with peace and dignity.