Monday, March 07, 2005

Bounce by Danko Jones

On April 19 Americans will be introduced to Canadian rock trio Danko Jones with the U.S. release of "We Sweat Blood," which originally surfaced in 2003, and is finally seeing the light of day in the states thanks to a recent deal with Razor & Tie Records. Included on the U.S. edition of the album are the bonus cuts "Lovercall" and "Sound of Love," both of which first appeared on the band's 2002 full-length, "Born a Lion." Unfortunately the best song has been left off the album. More about this later. With their debts to the swagger and mindset of 70's hard rock gods AC/DC and Thin Lizzy in full evidence, their albums have received rave reviews everywhere (but especially in Europe) and led to widespread touring outside of Canada. Danko Jones is responsible for one of the greatest rock songs I have ever heard. The first time I heard this song I thought Holy Crap this song kicks ass, which is why I find it weird they chose to include Lovercall on the US edition of the album and not the song of which I speak which is

Bounce by Danko Jones

I'm going to include a link here to a video for the song "I love livin' in the city" which is in quicktime format to give you an idea of their stage presence. Watch Video.

If these two songs float your boat, the Danko Jones website has many mp3's available for free download and you can pick up about 12 songs on this page.

Starting April 25 Jones will be starting their first US tour playing clubs so keep an eye out and you might catch these rockers in a small venue before they get huge.