Thursday, March 17, 2005

Ugly, Hefty Guys Rock

For a short time in the mid 70's Canadian band Bachman Turner Overdrive invaded America. Yeah Takin' Care of Business was everywhere. The first BTO album I owned was Not Fragile. Damn that sucker was almost Heavy Metal.

During the 1960's Randy Bachman was a founding member of the Guess Who. Bachman had been slugging it out for 10 years by the time the band struck gold with #1 hits like "These Eyes", "Laughing" and "American Woman" and decided to leave the group while they were on top. He released a solo album in 1970, and then formed a band which was named Brave Belt. It was this band which transformed into BTO.

Bachman-Turner Overdrive was released in 1973 on Mercury Records and stayed in the charts for 68 weeks. After four tries, the only successful single from the record was "Blue Collar" which managed a reasonable position of #68 on Billboard's Hot 100..

By year end they managed to pull out another album from their creative rebirth with Bachman-Turner Overdrive II. The album was pushed all the way to Top-10 by the driving force of "Let It Ride" and the monster hit "Takin' Care of Business".

With the departure of Tim Bachman and addition of Blair Thornton on guitar, BTO's 1974 album Not Fragile gave the band the type of success that Randy Bachman had not seen since the Guess Who's' "American Woman" in 1969. The album rode the charts at #1 from the success of the worldwide number one single "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" and its seminal follow-up "Roll On Down The Highway". Subsequently, the world took a backward glance at BTO and their first two albums became certified gold in 1974.

I'll stop there because the song I'm featuring comes from the Not Fragile album. If the only BTO songs you're familiar with are Takin' Care of Business or Let it Ride, then you have to have this one.

Not Fragile by Bachman Turner Overdrive

Song starts with a chugging bass riff and then wham the guitars kick in and You instantly feel like headbangin'. Good Stuff. Remember to support the artists and buy some of their stuff eh.