Friday, April 29, 2005

Tom Jones

Tom Jones is going to be here in Victoria this summer and I sure as heck would like to go to the show. Tom Jones is cool man. Since the mid-'60s, Jones has sung nearly every form of popular music -- pop, rock, show tunes, country, dance, and techno, he's sung it all. Jones' following has never diminished over the decades; he was able to exploit trends, earning new fans while retaining his core following. How cool is that. Plus women love to throw their underwear to him on stage. I won't go on about his career you can find out more at his website.

This Tom Jones track was written by Randy Newman and was originally released by Randy in 1972. Joe Cocker recorded a version of this song in 1986 and numerous others have recorded this song also. But by far the best version of this song has to be by Tom. It originally appeared on the Full Monty soundtrack. I love this song. For some reason it makes me randy as hell. This excellent song is called,

You Can Leave Your Hat On by Tom Jones

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Boomtown Rats

I liked the Boomtown Rats before that song about Mondays and how that girl didn't like em. I had their second album, A Tonic for the Troops, which I had found in the import bin and decided to give them a try. I really dug that song Rat Trap and found the whole album interesting. The Rats formed in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland. Bob Geldof(that Live Aid guy) was originally the manager, but eventually took over lead vocals. In November of 1978 Rat Trap reached number 1 in the UK and the Boomtown Rats became the first Irish band to have a number one in the UK, knocking John Travolta and Olivia Newton John out of the top spot. Then that girl did that school shooting in California and Geldof wrote that song about Mondays and the parents of the girl tried to have the song banned, blah blah became their biggest hit. While the song I Don't Like Mondays is alright, it's not near the best cut on the album. So I'm going to post my favorite song from the album, The Fine Art of Surfacing. If you want to know more about the Rats, I suggest going to the website.

Diamond Smiles by The Boomtown Rats

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Off Broadway

Off Broadway was a late-'70s power pop group from Chicago. This band was similar to Cheap Trick with their quirky hopped-up melodies and catchy hooks. But they were doomed to obscurity because they did not have the personality or the hardness that Cheap Trick did. Opening for heavy metal acts didn't do much for their careers either, but they wrote catchy songs and managed to sell around 200,000 copies of their 1979 debut album, On. They may never have reached the big time but they are remembered quite fondly by power pop enthusiasts such as myself. I saw these guys back in 1981, I think they opened for Nazareth. They had a good set and the music was good, but unfortunately their stage presence was less than exciting. But I still like these guys and I consider their first album a classic, which is where todays song comes from. This is probably their most recognizable tune and deserves a little more love.

Stay in Time by Off Broadway

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Big Audio Dynamite

Big Audio DynamiteAfter the release of "Combat Rock" in 1982, The Clash were at odds. Mick Jones and Joe Strummer had a major battle about which direction the band should follow. Joe wanted more punk-rock in the music, while Mick had his votes on the more artistical way including more different kinds of music. So Mick left the band or he was fired depending on which story you hear. I was crushed. Strummer changed the line up and one more Clash album was released called "Cut the Crap", and half of it was kinda crappy. End of the Clash

Forward to 1985, I'm walking through the record store and the album the store is playing sounds vaguely familiar. Some of it almost has a Clash type flavor, but in a different way. I'm thinking surely this isn't the Clash. Upon asking the clerk this is where I found out that this was Mick Jones new band Big Audio Dynamite and the album was called "This is Big Audio Dynamite". Bought it on the spot. Took it home and loved it. BAD became one of the first bands to combine rock with reggae, hip-hop beatbox rhythms and high-tech samplings.

In 1988, after three BAD albums Mick almost died from pneumonia. The band would go through several line up changes and reworkings of the name, BAD II, Big Audio, and finally back to the original. BAD recorded their 8th and last album in 1997 and their record company refused to release it. For a time the groups website released the tracks from this album one by one, and as far as I know, that is the only way you could get the album called "Entering a New Ride". Release it Damn it. I need this CD.

Mick's new project is a collaboration with Tony James of Generation X fame called Carbon/Silicon and I hope they get around to releasing an album soon. Until they do let's listen to the first BAD track I heard in the record store that day. It's got some great samples from The Good the Bad and The Ugly, A Fistfull of Dollars, and The Treasure of the Sierra Madre(We don't have to show you no steenkin' badges!).

Medicine Show by Big Audio Dynamite

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Cartoon of the Day

Monday, April 18, 2005

Jane Wiedlin

We were America's sweethearts, but we weren't that sweet. - jane wiedlin
I just love Jane Wiedlin. Even after all these years I still think she's just cute as a button. The Go Go's were okay, but I really liked her solo stuff a lot better. That squeaky little voice of hers gets me every time. But when she sings no squeakin there. The song for today comes from the album Tangled, one of my favorites. It was released in 1990. Jane's last album came out a few years ago and it was called Kissproof World. The inner sleeve had some rather risque photo's of Jane and there was even a nipple shot. Mercy. C'mon Jane, let's see a new album soon. It would make this fan a happy camper.

Paper Heart by Jane Wiedlin

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Not forTender Ears

So I got a hold of this CD called the Copulation Compilation about 6 years ago, and it's got like ten songs on it of the bawdy, raucous variety. So just for fun today I'm going to float this cut out there. The album contains various artists and this particular artist is Dr. Badbreath. I know nothing about this dude or when this was recorded or anything else. The only place I could find on the internet that had a copy of this CD was here. Ebay didn't even have any copies of it and they got every kind of junk imaginable. As you can imagine not a song for the easily offended, although I don't think there is any bad language but you'll see what I mean when you listen to it. It's a little countryish but funny as hell.

Ethel Pump by Dr. Badbreath

I just didn't feel like gettin' to serious today.

Cartoon of the Day

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Dean Martin. One of the coolest, smoothest dudes to ever croon out a tune. This is a cliche, but if dictionaries required an image to illustrate the word, this photo would be underneath cool. Dean Martin was less an entertainer than an icon, the eternal essence of cool. His biographer Nick Tosches once noted, Martin was what the Italians called a menefreghista -- "one who simply does not give a fuck." Martin lived and died the high life of booze, broads and bright lights, always projecting a sense of utter detachment and serenity. Deano left this world on Christmas Day in 1995, but his music and legacy lives on.

Cha Cha Cha D'Amour by Dean Martin

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

1 Day only!!!

The new Billy Idol album is better than anything he has done previously. Devil's Playground rocks. It needs to be heard. I don't normally post anything new. Now I am. I was a Billy freak in the 80's. This album kicks major Mony Mony ass. Older and better than ever. This track available one day. Go and buy this gem, it's well worth it. I've had a couple non Idol folks say it's pretty darn good. Seriously this is an excellent album. Billy hasn't been sleeping through the years. Reunited with uber guitarist Steve Stevens this album is fresh sounding and a helluva lot better than the crap that is being pushed on us by the record companies(RIAA). Nuff said.

Super Overdrive by Billy Idol (taken down)

Buy it now, Devil's Playground

Classic Album Covers-Candy-O

The Cars persuaded famed pinup artist, Alberto Vargas, to come out of retirement to do the cover of their second album. Vargas was 80 years old. To produce a photo that Vargas could work from they set up a photo shoot at a Ferrari dealership. By coincidence, the model's name was Candy Fuller. Vargas's buxom babe helped Candy-O go platinum in eight weeks, despite accusations that the cover is sexist. Maybe it is. Let's face it, men like to look at women and despite all their vocalizations, women go out of their way to be looked at by men with make up, hair, clothes etc. So that's not a bad thing. One sexy piece of artwork.
Vargas came to see a Cars concert in L.A. "He just said it wasn't his kind of music," says David Robinson(drummer), "but he was impressed because he could see that we worked really hard. And he said there were beautiful girls all over the place. He liked that very much." I bet he did.

Whatever, whenever it's a freakin' hot cover. I'd hit it. This cover still stirs some hidden demons within.

Candy-O by the Cars

Monday, April 11, 2005

Classic Album Covers-Killers

Click to buy KillersKillers by Iron Maiden. I bought this album in 1982, a year after this album had come out. I had seen it in the record store almost every time I went in and thought it was the coolest cover. Whaddya expect from a guy that thrives on zombie flicks. I didn't have the slightest clue who Iron Maiden was or even what kind of music they played. I finally broke down and got it, figuring it had to be good with a cover like that. I was right. The next day I scoured the record stores looking for their first album.

I still think this is the best Iron Maiden album ever. Although Number of the Beast seemed to be their big breakout album, I didn't like it as well. I had a hard time adjusting to Bruce Dickinson's vocals. Too bad Paul Dianno had an alcohol problem. I still listened to Maiden though. I also thought the Blaze Bayley days were pretty bad. Today's cut is the title track from the album.

Killers by Iron Maiden

Cartoon of the Day

Friday, April 08, 2005

Classic Album Covers-London Calling

Along with being the best album of all time, The Clash's London Calling also had a classic cover. I beleive that's Paul Simonon about to smash his bass at a show at New York's Palladium in 1979. Paul says he wished he'd been looking up when the photo was taken, but I don't agree. It wouldn't have been the same. The cover as it is sums up perfectly what's in store for the listeners when they slip the album on. Damn good music. Also it's cool because it mirrors one of the first great album covers, which is Elvis first album for RCA. If a person is serious about their love of music, they must own both of these albums. No Exceptions! Otherwise you'd just be a person who pretends to like music. I offer up a cut from London Calling here for any young uns who may not have heard any Clash. This album is still better than anything else that has come out over the last 25 years. Get it.

Guns of Brixton by the Clash

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Clarence Carter

Clarence CarterThis blind blues singer/guitarist has a following that goes way back to the 60's, when he cut a number of sides for Atlantic Records. I would find it hard to believe that there were people out there who had never heard a Clarence Carter song. You know the one of which I speak. Strokin'. I've seen this song played at any number of places from bars to wedding receptions. It always elicits the same response from the crowd. People from young to old will get up and act a fool to this song, hootin' and a hollerin'. I've even seen senior citizens with walkers whoop it up to this tune. It strikes a chord in people because he talks about makin' love in a smooth, laid back, sexy way that makes people go Oh Yeah. If you're not familiar with Clarence Carter then I recommend you try outThe Best of Clarence Carter: The Dr.'s Greatest Prescriptions. Best of Clarence Carter shows the singer's bawdy and blues side, with songs like "I'm Not Just Good, I'm the Best," "Grandpa Can't Fly His Kite," and "Kiss You All Over."

The production is polished, but the emphasis is carnal. If you want an introduction to a smooth blues man with a nod and a wink, go for Best of Clarence Carter. For now give a listen to

Strokin' by Clarence Carter

Toon of the Day

Monday, April 04, 2005

The Timelords

Doctor Who has returned. Great news for us nerd dweebs eh? Hey back in the 80's I had a hand made Tom Baker replica scarf and I wore it everywhere. I never left home without it. It was hard to be a Dr. Who fan back then in the US, because dude was hard to find on the American telly. And we didn't have cable back then. I used to watch it on PBS on Sunday nights at midnight. wait, oh shit, there is a mash up here somewhere. Back then in the good ole days we called it a remix. Somewhere in this post is the song you are lookin for. You would occasionally catch it on PBS late at night usually on a sunday at midnight. Now that I live in Canada the new Who returns on Tuesday night. I've already had one request from a desperate American to tape it and send it to him, which I will gladly do. My favorite doctor companion was sarah Jane(Elisabeth Sladen), when I was younger I had many a (ahem) dream about her. Now we have the new incarnation of the Dr. And I must say the companion is quite the hot cookie. Billie Piper(nip alert) is very fetching. The UK has already seen a couple episodes with the new doctor and now Canada is in line Tuesday night. Unfortunately I also hear that the new Dr. has already quit. So anyways here's the deal on this song.

The Timelords was the name used by UK sampling outfit The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu for their 1988 novelty pop single Doctorin the Tardis, a No.1 hit in the UK. The song is a mix of Gary Glitter's Rock and Roll, The Sweet's Blockbuster and the Doctor Who theme with sparse vocals inspired by Doctor Who and Harry Enfield's Loadsamoney character. Doctorin' the Tardis reached number one in the UK Singles Chart on 12 June, and also charted highly in Australia and New Zealand.

Doctorin' the Tardis by The Timelords 6.63mb