Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Big Audio Dynamite

Big Audio DynamiteAfter the release of "Combat Rock" in 1982, The Clash were at odds. Mick Jones and Joe Strummer had a major battle about which direction the band should follow. Joe wanted more punk-rock in the music, while Mick had his votes on the more artistical way including more different kinds of music. So Mick left the band or he was fired depending on which story you hear. I was crushed. Strummer changed the line up and one more Clash album was released called "Cut the Crap", and half of it was kinda crappy. End of the Clash

Forward to 1985, I'm walking through the record store and the album the store is playing sounds vaguely familiar. Some of it almost has a Clash type flavor, but in a different way. I'm thinking surely this isn't the Clash. Upon asking the clerk this is where I found out that this was Mick Jones new band Big Audio Dynamite and the album was called "This is Big Audio Dynamite". Bought it on the spot. Took it home and loved it. BAD became one of the first bands to combine rock with reggae, hip-hop beatbox rhythms and high-tech samplings.

In 1988, after three BAD albums Mick almost died from pneumonia. The band would go through several line up changes and reworkings of the name, BAD II, Big Audio, and finally back to the original. BAD recorded their 8th and last album in 1997 and their record company refused to release it. For a time the groups website released the tracks from this album one by one, and as far as I know, that is the only way you could get the album called "Entering a New Ride". Release it Damn it. I need this CD.

Mick's new project is a collaboration with Tony James of Generation X fame called Carbon/Silicon and I hope they get around to releasing an album soon. Until they do let's listen to the first BAD track I heard in the record store that day. It's got some great samples from The Good the Bad and The Ugly, A Fistfull of Dollars, and The Treasure of the Sierra Madre(We don't have to show you no steenkin' badges!).

Medicine Show by Big Audio Dynamite

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