Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Classic Album Covers-Candy-O

The Cars persuaded famed pinup artist, Alberto Vargas, to come out of retirement to do the cover of their second album. Vargas was 80 years old. To produce a photo that Vargas could work from they set up a photo shoot at a Ferrari dealership. By coincidence, the model's name was Candy Fuller. Vargas's buxom babe helped Candy-O go platinum in eight weeks, despite accusations that the cover is sexist. Maybe it is. Let's face it, men like to look at women and despite all their vocalizations, women go out of their way to be looked at by men with make up, hair, clothes etc. So that's not a bad thing. One sexy piece of artwork.
Vargas came to see a Cars concert in L.A. "He just said it wasn't his kind of music," says David Robinson(drummer), "but he was impressed because he could see that we worked really hard. And he said there were beautiful girls all over the place. He liked that very much." I bet he did.

Whatever, whenever it's a freakin' hot cover. I'd hit it. This cover still stirs some hidden demons within.

Candy-O by the Cars