Friday, April 08, 2005

Classic Album Covers-London Calling

Along with being the best album of all time, The Clash's London Calling also had a classic cover. I beleive that's Paul Simonon about to smash his bass at a show at New York's Palladium in 1979. Paul says he wished he'd been looking up when the photo was taken, but I don't agree. It wouldn't have been the same. The cover as it is sums up perfectly what's in store for the listeners when they slip the album on. Damn good music. Also it's cool because it mirrors one of the first great album covers, which is Elvis first album for RCA. If a person is serious about their love of music, they must own both of these albums. No Exceptions! Otherwise you'd just be a person who pretends to like music. I offer up a cut from London Calling here for any young uns who may not have heard any Clash. This album is still better than anything else that has come out over the last 25 years. Get it.

Guns of Brixton by the Clash