Monday, April 18, 2005

Jane Wiedlin

We were America's sweethearts, but we weren't that sweet. - jane wiedlin
I just love Jane Wiedlin. Even after all these years I still think she's just cute as a button. The Go Go's were okay, but I really liked her solo stuff a lot better. That squeaky little voice of hers gets me every time. But when she sings no squeakin there. The song for today comes from the album Tangled, one of my favorites. It was released in 1990. Jane's last album came out a few years ago and it was called Kissproof World. The inner sleeve had some rather risque photo's of Jane and there was even a nipple shot. Mercy. C'mon Jane, let's see a new album soon. It would make this fan a happy camper.

Paper Heart by Jane Wiedlin