Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Off Broadway

Off Broadway was a late-'70s power pop group from Chicago. This band was similar to Cheap Trick with their quirky hopped-up melodies and catchy hooks. But they were doomed to obscurity because they did not have the personality or the hardness that Cheap Trick did. Opening for heavy metal acts didn't do much for their careers either, but they wrote catchy songs and managed to sell around 200,000 copies of their 1979 debut album, On. They may never have reached the big time but they are remembered quite fondly by power pop enthusiasts such as myself. I saw these guys back in 1981, I think they opened for Nazareth. They had a good set and the music was good, but unfortunately their stage presence was less than exciting. But I still like these guys and I consider their first album a classic, which is where todays song comes from. This is probably their most recognizable tune and deserves a little more love.

Stay in Time by Off Broadway