Friday, April 29, 2005

Tom Jones

Tom Jones is going to be here in Victoria this summer and I sure as heck would like to go to the show. Tom Jones is cool man. Since the mid-'60s, Jones has sung nearly every form of popular music -- pop, rock, show tunes, country, dance, and techno, he's sung it all. Jones' following has never diminished over the decades; he was able to exploit trends, earning new fans while retaining his core following. How cool is that. Plus women love to throw their underwear to him on stage. I won't go on about his career you can find out more at his website.

This Tom Jones track was written by Randy Newman and was originally released by Randy in 1972. Joe Cocker recorded a version of this song in 1986 and numerous others have recorded this song also. But by far the best version of this song has to be by Tom. It originally appeared on the Full Monty soundtrack. I love this song. For some reason it makes me randy as hell. This excellent song is called,

You Can Leave Your Hat On by Tom Jones

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