Thursday, May 19, 2005

Blood Sweat and Tears

Blood Sweat and TearsHow's this for digging up the past? I was reminded of this song when I was watching that movie Final Destination or something like that. It was covered by someone else, I forget who, but I was like wow, haven't heard that in a while. I bet some of you haven't either. Probably one of the best groups of the late 60's, but they couldn't get their shit together. I think most of the guys hated each other, and really the nail in the coffin was a European tour sponsored by Nixon's State Department in 1970. I know that sounds absurd but it's true. With all the unrest over the Vietnam war, this move did not sit well with fans. Too bad, gotta love those horns. Their sound was a true hybrid of rock and jazz, with a strong element of soul as the bonding agent that held it together. The horns didn't just honk along on the choruses, but played complex, detailed arrangements. This song really highlights what was good about the group.

And When I Die by Blood Sweat and Tears

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