Wednesday, May 11, 2005


We're gonna have to jump in the way back machine for this one and a half hit wonder band. Wayback machine, isn't that the name of that contraption that that dog and kid rode in on the Bullwinkle cartoon? Missouri hails from... uh Missouri. Kansas City that is. They had one huge monster hit back around 1977. At least it was huge in the midwest. They're kinda like your typical southern rock type band from that era. A long and complicated history for a band that only had two albums, which I won't go into here but you can check out this only webpage I could find on them.

This band is pretty easy on the ears and is a good listen if you're feeling a bit redneckish. I think I saw these guys once in St. Louis back around 81 or so and I enjoyed it.

Movin' On by Missouri

This song still gets played regularly on midwest classic rock stations tothis day cause it's a classic dudes. Good luck on finding either album on CD. The only CD offering available is a best of collection. If you got this on vinyl, hang onto it cause it's a keeper that may be worth a few dollars someday.