Friday, May 20, 2005

Pour Me a Vacation

I think I got two tunes here today. That's a record for me. It's time to get off the rock(Vancouver Island) for a couple weeks. Yours truly is Alberta Bound for some sorely needed R and R. Saturday evening will find me in Calgary, well on my way to Margaritaville. I hate to disappoint my three readers but a vacation is just what these tired old bones need. Good Rockin' will return with more sweetness on June 1. For the time being I think a couple of vacation related songs are just the ticket. The first one is a Jimmy Buffett song and it's not Margaritaville. I think most folks know who Jimmy is, but if you're unfamiliar with him then go here and get your parrothead freak on. The second one is by a group called the Great Divide, with a nod to Jimmy Buffett and vacations. The Great Divide is a band from Oklahoma and you can find out more about them here.

Holiday by Jimmy Buffett

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Pour Me A Vacation by The Great Divide

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I'm going to go chill out now. See y'all in two weeks.