Monday, May 16, 2005


You won't find stuff like this on some of those other lame blogs. Every other blog is featuring the same indie crap. 40 to 50 of these mp3 blogs are featuring the same music. Not here. Fresh, old stuff. Classics that were never heard as you will. Streetheart. Hard rock band, active 1976-84. Formed in Regina. Not a band Homercat is real familiar with. I know they're Canadian. Does a photo exist that I could post here? I couldn't find one. I know two of their members left to form Loverboy(Paul Dean and Matt Frenette) in the 80's and I think most of us have heard of Loverboy. No matter how painful the memory may be. This I know. Keith Richards of the Stones said that the best cover of any Stones song was by a band called Streetheart from Canada. Honestly that's pretty high praise. He actually said in an interview that he preferred this version over their own version. You be the judge, It's definitely different and pretty good. Homercat likes it. Tell me what you think. Better or worse?

Under My Thumb by Streetheart

I have no idea where you can buy this. Classic old shit that rocks. You'll find it here at Good Rockin'.