Thursday, June 02, 2005


JackylVacation time is over and it's back to worky time. Had a blast in Calgary and special thanks go out to Kat, the hostess with the mostest, and friends Carl and Leslie, a totally good Rockin' time was had by all. So let's start out with a rocker, eh?

In the mid 90's Jackyl were unfairly lumped into the hair metal category along with acts like Damn Yankees and Slaughter. Actually they were a Southern rock boogie band from Georgia that formed in 1990. They had a well crafted blend of hard rock, Southern boogie and power tools. The fivesome shared an enthusiasm for AC/DC, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and other like-minded artists.

Their self-titled debut, released in 1992, enjoyed several hit rock singles, but the most attention was drawn by "The Lumberjack," an ode to burly chain-saw wielders that featured a chainsaw solo by vocalist James Dupree. His chain-saw abilities became their calling card and let's face it, when was the last time you heard a really good chainsaw song. The album kicks ass.

Through the years there's been some lineup changes and label shifts, but Jackyl released an album in 2002 with many tracks co written by Brian Johnson, vocalist for AC/DC. Today's song is a little explicit and a bit silly, but I like it in a cheesy sort of way. Hailing from their debut album, please enjoy

She Loves My Cock by Jackyl
(File taken down, check current posts for some more great music)

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