Thursday, July 14, 2005

Colin James Revisited

Today in Music History:

In 1967, The Who began their first US tour appearing as support band to Herman's Hermits.
Colin JamesWho woulda thunk it? The Who opening for Hermans Hermits. Similar to the Jimi hendrix opening for The Monkees faux pas. Hugely busy today so I'm going to retool an old post and feature another song by one of my favorite blues guitarists, Colin James.

Colin James is an artist that Canadians know all about. Colin James grew up in Saskatchewan, listening to folk and blues. After learning the pennywhistle and mandolin, he quit school and worked with a succession of bands. I hadn't heard of him until I moved to Canada. He needs more exposure in America because he is truly a great blues guitarist. I guess you could say his big break came in 1984 when a band he was in got the gig for opening for Stevie Ray Vaughn in Regina. Vaughan was so impressed that he took James on the road with him to open several dates in the US. James first album debuted in 1988 and became the fastest-selling album in Canadian history. The biggest problem for Americans is, he doesn't tour the U.S. very much, and spends most of his time in Canada. In 1998, he toured with Steve Winwood, Little Feat and Keith Richards. I had the pleasure of seeing James perform here in March of last year and I can tell you that after seeing him perform I can no longer listen to Stevie Ray Vaughn as all of his stuff sounds second rate. I usually stick to showcasing older music, but today I'm going post a song from his latest album, which happens to be my favorite cut.

Make a Mistake by Colin James
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