Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Joan Jett

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In 1991, EMF went to No.1 on the US singles chart with 'Unbelievable' it spent 14 weeks on the chart before reaching the top.
Joan JettThinking it was time to post a few good summer songs since summer is in full swing now. Joan Jett always makes me think of summer time for some reason. Maybe because I saw her perform 6 times one summer. That might do it. Since I'm a lazy sod today I'll just use the allmusic site to help me along in this post.

By playing pure and simple rock & roll without making an explicit issue of her gender, Joan Jett became a figurehead for several generations of female rockers. Jett's brand of rock & roll is loud and stripped-down. She adheres both to rock tradition and breaks with it -- she plays classic three-chord rock & roll, yet she also loves the trashy elements (in particular, Gary Glitter) of it as well, and she plays with a defiant sneer. From her first band, the Runaways, through her hit-making days in the '80s with the Blackhearts right until her unexpected revival in the '90s, she hasn't changed her music, yet she's kept her quality control high, making one classic single along the way.

She formed her first band when she was 15 which later became known as The Runaways. The band released three albums that never had much commercial success in America, yet were very popular in Japan; the group was popular in both the Los Angeles hard rock and punk scenes, which led to Jett's production of the Germs' first record, (GI) The Runaways group broke up in 1980 and Jett moved to New York to begin a solo career.

Jett independently released her self-titled debut album in 1980 in America, since no labels were interested in signing her. The record sold very well for an independent release, leading to a contract with Boardwalk Records, who reissued the album under the title Bad Reputation. Then Jett formed the Blackhearts and released the song she is most famous for, I love Rock n Roll, which was a cover of an old Arrows song. Joan has since starred in movies, played in a stage peoduction of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and still continues to put out music albeit not enough of it though. Her last project with the Blackhearts came out in 1999, titled Fetish. This summer song is from her first album and is a cover of a Gary Glitter song.

Doing All Right With the Boys by Joan Jett

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