Thursday, July 07, 2005

Molly Hatchet

Today in Music History:

1989, It was announced that for the first time compact discs were out selling vinyl albums.
Molly HatchetFirst of all I want to send out my thoughts and condolences to the people of London for what they're going thru today. I hope my English readers and their families are well and suffered no harm from today's cowardly attacks.

I saw Molly Hatchet back in 1982 and to this day I think it was the loudest concert I have ever attended. My ears were ringing for days. That might explain why I'm about half deef these days. Hatchet was a group that spawned from the "southern rock" movement of the 70's. Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida Hatchet took their name from a famous 17th century axe murderess, hatchet molly, who would behead her lovers. Their debut album was released in 1978 and went multi platinum. The second album Flitin' With Disaster was released in 1979 and did even better.

Molly Hatchet is one of those bands that has had endless personnel changes over the years yet they are still touring and recording. As of 2005 one original member from the 70's lineup still remains, Dave Hlubek. Former lead singer Danny Joe Brown died March of this year from complications of diabetes. He had officially left the band back in 1995. You'll have to google it to see who is now the frontman because I have no idea. Yet I have been a Molly Hatchet fan since my first listen of their debut album. Sadly though, Danny Joe will always be the vocalist to me and asshat that I am I may not be able to give their new stuff a chance. We'll see. Here's a great cut from their debut album that is classic Danny Joe Brown.

The Creeper by Molly Hatchet

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