Friday, August 19, 2005

Return to the Sea

Today in Music History:

In 1967, The Beatles scored their 14th US No.1 single with 'All You Need Is Love'. Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Keith Moon, Graham Nash, Marianne Faithfull and Walker Brother Gary Leeds all sang backing vocals on the track.
Great Big SeaGreat Big Sea (GBS) a band I featured back in March, is a Celtic, rock, and pop band from the Canadian province of Newfoundland. When I was listening to Matrix radio yesterday the dj played some Great Big Sea which prompted me to get the GBS CD's out and I've been listening ever since. Their hard-driving approach has not only made them popular in Canada, where they've been nominated for four Juno awards, it has also brought them a growing recognition throughout North America and Europe. British music magazine, called them, "a high spirited and richly expressive acoustic quartet who reinvent traditional Newfoundland music, lending it a powerful and resonant contemporary charge."

Since the four original members started the band in March of 1993 as a post-university employment project, they have toured relentlessly, enjoying the challenge of bringing their music first to Canada, and then to the rest of the world. From day one, it is the band's energetic concerts which have proven the base of their popularity.

"Great Big Sea is not a band you just go and see, or a cd you just listen to. Great Big Sea is something you have to do." Some of the music they play is hundreds of years old. But Damn they're good. This post will have to tide you folks over till Monday so, I think two tracks are in order.

The first track is a traditional newfie song about a once well known St. Johns bootlegger. Jakey's cover for his bootlegging activities was apparently the sale of religious pictures and icons.

Jakeys Gin by Great Big Sea

This second tune is a traditional sea shanty, about a sailor's unrepentant love for his lifestyle.

Jolly Roving Tar by Great Big Sea

Both of these songs are loads of fun and are great sing-a-longs that make you want to hoist your mug of ale and join in on the rousing chorus.

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Both songs are on this album.

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