Monday, September 19, 2005

Best of Series

Today in Music History:

2003, Police were investigating reports that Paul McCartney scuffled with a photographer when the singer went to see magician David Blaine, who was in a plastic box dangling over the River Thames. The London Evening Standard said one of its photographers had clashed with McCartney resulting in a scuffle.
Evwn though I have saved drafts 5 times, I have lost what I have written 5 times. I am pissed and I think this puter is crapping out. Being said I am trying to start my Best of series of posts. Not a top ten kind of thing. Just a best of category thing. If anyone disagrees I would certainly welcome a song that is better than what I consider the best of. First category will be

Best Rock n Roll Song to ever incorporate the use of bagpipes bonus points if you are in a schoolboy uniform

Yes there are so many. I doubt though that many would argue with me that the best would be the best, the hardest, and uhhhh the fucking best would an Ac/DC song. Remember this is bagpipes. Have I said the best too many times? You got a better one? Well it is duh

It's a Long Way to the Top by AC/DC

If you want a runner up then it would have to be

Copperhead Road by Steve Earle

Steve's song almost took first because the first time I heard it I thought it was the best song I had ever heard even though I was the A number 1 AC/DC fan. but let's face it AC/DC's song has the nuts.

Got an opinion about a bagpipe song that I missed, then fucking tell me, because I wanna Know. It has to be a part of a classic pop or rock song of the last 50 years, not a rendition of Amazing Grace over a dedicated public servant. Or just let me know which one you think is best. Or just be silent if you if you have no nuts. Homercat out.

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