Thursday, September 01, 2005

Joanna Dean

Today in Music History:

1983, The other three members of The Clash, who claimed he'd 'drifted apart' from the original idea of the group, fired Mick Jones, lead guitarist with The Clash.
Joanna DeanHailing from Tennessee, Joanna Dean was one of the most promising blues artists of the late '80s. Back in 1987 I was visiting Memphis and while driving around listening to a local radio station I heard this song that absolutely riveted me. So much so, that I had to find the nearest record store in Memphis and buy this beauty of an album called Misbehavin'. I was not disappointed. Her voice has to be heard to be believed. It lies somewhere between Janis Joplin and Bonnie Raitt. Raspy, bluesy, gritty, and totally rocking. There isn't a bad song on the album and the final track is a killer version of the Stones' Gimme Shelter. Misbehavin' rocks hard, straddling a thin line between hard rock and heavy metal. Why this album didn't tear up the charts will forever remain one of life's mysteries.

Buy it if you can find it!!

For Joanna's 1991 second album, Code of Honor, she put together a band called Bad Romance. The album touches on issues such as alcoholism and suicide and has a rather somber tone. The sound on the "Code of Honor" album was more pure rock n' roll than her debut album. However, Joanna's voice is bluesy so it still had her sound. The album received much more press than her first album, there were full-page ads in METAL EDGE magazine. The couple reviews I saw of the album were favorable. But unfortunately, the album went pretty much un-noticed....much like her first one.
The only sad thing about this tale is that she doesn't record any more. She made only the two records. Last I heard, she was a graphics designer for some website development company. Truly one of the great tragedies of Rock And Roll...A shame, Joanna had a lot of talent. If anyone out there knows what truly became of Joanna please drop me a line and update me.

Kiss This by Joanna Dean
(File taken down, check current posts for some more great music)

Sometimes you can find this CD on EBAY going for anywhere around 40 to 90 dollars.
Good Luck, if you find one, buy me a copy too.

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just a guy that knows that fucker said...

Does anyone know what she's doin now?

homercat said...

No body seems to have a clue as you can't find any current info on her. Wish someone would clue us in.

Anonymous said...

joanna dean had a son who is now following in her footsteps in a band called BLACK ROSE DRIVE and started a family and is currently a web designer but still playin shows in a cover band. check out her sons band their not the same style but they are defenitly making a huge impression on the music scene on the west coast right now. her son is the guitarist.