Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Let's Revisit This Band

Today in Music History:

In 1974, Canadian singer Andy Kim went to No.1 on the US singles chart with 'Rock Me Gently', it made No.2 in the UK. Kim was the co-writer of The Archies 'Sugar Sugar'.
The ExitThe Exit is a trio of New York City punks that decided to form a band in 1999. I did a brief post about them back in July if you would like to learn more about how they came about. Their new album Home For An Island is due to be released on October 11 and this a little pre release blurb about the album. I was lucky enough to be able to hear the whole album before it's release, courtesy of their record company. When these guys started out they were pretty much a straight forward punk band. I have to say that their sound has matured and they've changed directions a bit. It's grounded in punk rock but isn't happy to flop around there. Hints of dub reggae run through the melodies, pop hooks draw listeners into some dark places, moods change from song to song, sometimes within a song. Their music is slightly reminiscent of The Police with a harder edge. For me that could be a bad thing since I don't own anything by The Police nor do I ever want to. Not a fan. The Exit on the other hand has earned a place in my music collection.

I won't break down each song, but on first listen there were 5 songs I immediately liked. The Opening track Don't Push is most likely the standout track here, but other tracks that got me right off the bat were Back to the Rebels, So Leave Then, and Tell Me All Again. If I had to give the album stars I would probably go 3 out of 5 stars. Say you were standing in the record store and you were thinking about purchasing that silly Coldplay album. I would say whoa dude, I don't think you should waste your money on that drivel, come over here and check out this band instead. So go ahead and give it a listen, and tell em homercat sent you.

So Leave Then by The Exit

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