Friday, September 30, 2005


Today in Music History:

1999, Chris de Burgh's web site was closed down after countless obscene messages were posted on the guestbook. One message consisted entirely of two four-letter words repeated 3500 times.
SparksWhat's the best song you've ever heard about being ugly? I don't mean the cruel type you're ugly and pathetic song. I mean poking fun at one's own self about being ugly. Once again I'll give you a first place tune and a runner up. I've posted about Sparks before and I've seen them pop up on a couple other music blogs in the last few months. Their pop sensibilities and witty lyrics have garnered them a cult following. I really enjoy Sparks, the brothers Mael have more than once given me a chuckle or two. First place ugly song comes from Sparks in Outer Space which is a favorite of mine. This song garners first place nod simply for this lyric. I went to Balboa island and laid in the sand, I may be ugly as sin but at least now I'm tan. An ugly guy singing about his tan. The singer also informs us that he went to high school and majored in looking real bad. An anthem if you will for all of us ugly guys.

I Wish I Looked A Little Better by Sparks

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Runner Up
I love Harry Belafonte's calypso crooning.
I wonder why nobody don't like me
Or is it the fact that I'm ugly?
Shut yer mouth go away, Mama look a boo boo day. Enough said. If he'd of mentioned somewhere in the song about getting a tan then Harry would have ranked first. There's no debating it though, this is a classic.

Mama Look a Boo Boo by Harry Belafonte

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Know any ugly songs that I may have unintentionally dissed? Let me know. Have a good weekend all.

Funny Toon

Uh Oh it's a bonus unrelated song

Under Suspicion by Angel(rapidshare)

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