Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Halloween=Alice Cooper

Today in Music History:

In 1964, A riot broke out in the studio when The Rolling Stones appeared on The Ed Sullivan show in New York. Sullivan was quoted as saying 'I promise you they'll never be back on our show again'.
Alice CooperHere comes Halloween creeping around the corner. What would Halloween be without a little bit of Alice Cooper. If you're having a party you have to play at least one Cooper song or your party is just a farce. I have some unresolved Alice Cooper issues which I am going to harp on once again. The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame will be gearing up to induct new members in it's induction ceremonies in March and once again I hope there will be no glaring omissions, most notably Alice Cooper. Last year they inducted Buddy Guy, the O'Jays, Percy Sledge, the Pretenders and U2. Hey I like the Pretenders but come on guys, before Alice Cooper?

This is not really the "rock n Roll" hall of fame it's more of a pop music hall of fame, which is fine, I guess. It stopped being the Rock n roll hall of fame when they inducted Michael "pedophile" Jackson twice, while ignoring truly groundbreaking rock n roll artists. You say what about that "Thriller" album in the 80's wasn't it groundbreaking? Well let's see we have the 19 minute video of Thriller that was groundbreaking or was it. Seems that Alice Cooper did a whole video of his Welcome to my Nightmare album back in 1976 on ABC(which won an Emmy award), before Mtv was even a concept. Talk about groundbreaking. Methinks Michael was just copying, especially since Alice used a Vincent Price voiceover when Mike was just a pup. Sadly after 40 million copies sold and over 20 gold albums, Alice is consistently ignored by the Hall of Fame. Alice influenced so many artists that it would be impossible to list them all. David Bowie was inducted back in 1996 yet he used to attend Cooper shows before he sang about Major Tom. Alice recently released a new album, "Dirty Diamonds", which incidently rocks with a vengeance and he shows no sign of slowing down. And yet, somebody is going, "Nah, I think we'll induct the Talking Heads (2002).

It`s now late 2005, and the powers to be will be voting soon to see who gets in for 2006. Let's hope that Alice will not be snubbed once again by the institution now commonly referred to as the 'Rock And Roll Hall of Shame' due to glaring omissions from their inductee list while some acts that have been inducted seem to be simply one hit wonders who influenced no one at all, or ones who simply copied the originators like Alice. To the surprise of many music fans, Cooper's guillotine and snakeskin boots have been one of the most popular attractions at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, but the artist himself has never been nominated. Let me clarify a bit. Glen Buxton, Dennis Dunaway, Michael Bruce and Neal Smith were a big part of what made The Alice Cooper Group great. They co-wrote and played on most of the hits songs associated with Alice, including "School's Out." So the Alice cooper band should be inducted first, and then Alice himself as a solo artist. As it is now it just ain't right.

Other glaring omissions are Black Sabbath, Kiss (29 gold albums,9 of which went 3x platinum or more), and Jimmy Buffett (36 albums, 7 gold, 4 platinum and 2 double platinum). Hey if James Taylor can get in the Rock n Roll hall of Fame then dad burn it these guys deserve to be in there too. Surprisingly The Clash, AC/DC, and Elvis Costello, and the Ramones have made it in, so maybe there's hope. But until the Alice Cooper Band is in the Hall, it's just not a legitimate showcase for rock n roll.

So a massive three Cooper gems will be listed today, all of them decidedly creepy and a worthy addition to any Halloween party.

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