Friday, October 14, 2005

The Joe Perry Project

Today in Music History:

1988, Def Leppard became first act in chart history to sell seven million copies of two consecutive LPs, with 'Pyromania' (released in 1983)' and 'Hysteria'.
the projectWhen Joe Perry left Aerosmith in 1979, he formed The Joe Perry Project with vocalist Ralph Mormon, bassist David Hull and drummer Ronnie Stewart. The quartet got off to a good start with the back-to-basics debut Let the Music Do the Talking, which is an excellent album, selling almost 250,000 copies and charting at #47. Received well by critics, the record got little airplay and efforts were made by the powers-that-be to kill the record in an attempt to force Perry back into Aerosmith. Not long afterwards, the same vices that plagued Aerosmith began to rear their ugly heads once more in Perry's latest band. In total the Joe Perry Project released three albums with three different lead singers. The last album being an almost total dud released in 1984.

Realizing that he was on a sinking ship, Perry made up with his former Aerosmith bandmates and rejoined them full-time later the same year.

Joe recently released a new solo album where he played all instruments except the drums. People may be unfamiliar with Joe's stuff from the non Aerosmith years. While the first album is the best, there are some good cuts from all the albums, so I recommend the album, the best of the Joe Perry Project which came out in 1999.

Once A Rocker, Always A Rocker by The Joe Perry Project
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