Sunday, October 09, 2005

King Elementary

Today in Music History:

1976, the Sex Pistols signed to EMI records for £40,000 ($68,000). The contract was terminated three months later with the label stopping production of the ‘Anarchy In The UK’ single and deleting it from its catalogue. EMI later issued a statement saying it felt unable to promote The Sex Pistols records in view of the adverse publicity generated over the last few months.
King Elementary are a group of rockers hailing from Jackson, Mississippi who just released their debut album a while back. Here's the deal though, each member is only eighteen years old and they just graduated high school, but they play like they've spent a lifetime getting wasted, getting laid, and getting dumped. Or look at it this way, members of Franz Ferdinand and the Bravery celebrated their 30th birthdays before landing a record deal. I just got this album and I'm more than a little impressed and maybe slightly jealous. I gotta say keep your eyes on these guys. After listening to the album I can tell you that you're going to be seeing a lot more of King Elementary. Without going into a detailed anaysis of each of the eleven songs, the album would be a worthy addition to any collection. The last time teenagers rocked this hard they were and are known as Def Leppard.

Kudzu, which is the name of the album, has a definite garage rock feel to it. If I had to compare it to anything I don't know if I could. Maybe grunge butts heads with garage rock and pop. Yeah that's it. The bottom line is that King Elementary are better than bands twice their age -- and this is just their debut. There is some real talent here. Maybe that's why I'm a little jealous. This song is the mellow one from the album.

Spur of the Moment by King Elementary
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