Friday, November 18, 2005

English Beat

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1993, Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder was arrested in New Orleans for disturbing the peace after a fight broke out in a bar.
ranking full stopI'm not much of a ska fan, but there is one band in particular that made me at least explore ska music more thouroughly and I have learned to appreciate ska music better as a result. That band being The English Beat. I snagged their album I Just Can't Stop It back in 1982 and when I slipped the vinyl on the turntable I was hooked. I decided to cover this band today because of the previous post and Krokus Kick ass cover of Stayed Awake, which was better than the original version of the song. With today's post about The Beat, we have a cover version which clearly outshines the original version. I don't want this blog getting mired down in cover songs, Copy, Right? specializes in that and does a much better job of it than this blog does.will return to normal fare next week.

Sadly the Beat only lasted three albums and disbanded in 1983, it's members basically splitting to form two new groups. General Public and Fine Young Cannibals. This first cut is the outstanding cover of the Smokey Robinson classic, Tears of a Clown. Better than the original? That's my opinion, but hey you tell me.

Tears of a Clown by The English Beat
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Another nice original track is Save it for Later, which Pete Townshend did a great version on his Deep End album. For anyone unfamiliar with ska or someone who doesn't care much for the genre, the English Beat is a great starting place for beginners. Not to say that The Specials, Madness and The Selecter aren't excellent bands, who also came before the Beat. It's just that the Beat are more accessible to the mainstream.

Save it for Later by The English Beat
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