Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Krokus Turner Overdrive

Today in Music History:

1974, John Lennon was at No.1 in the US singles chart with 'Whatever Gets You Through The Night.' Elton John played on the session and made a deal with Lennon that if the song makes No.1 he will have to appear live with him.
KrokusKrokus, doesn't that name blast you metalheads back to the eighties? The title for this post may sound confusing but it will become evident. Some of you may already know what I'm referring to. I became familiar with Krokus back in 1982 when I was at this party and someone was playing the One Vice at a Time album. I said who the hell is that, it sounds like they're trying to copy AC/DC. In fact the lead singer was trying awful hard to sound like Bon Scott. Yet I found that even though this band were blatantly copying AC/DC's sound, I liked it.

Krokus didn't start out as metal though. These headbangers from Switzerland started out in the 70's as a progressive rock outfit along the lines of Yes, Genesis, and ELP. Hard to believe, eh. The band didn't get anywhere commercially, so it decided to cash in on metal's popularity and started emulating AC/DC. Call it one of those guilty pleasures. Everything about this band says I shouldn't like them, yet I listen to them on occasion. Their biggest album was Headhunter which contains a wicked cover of BTO,s Stayed Awake All Night. With all due respect to Randy and the boys, Krokus' version of this song kicks serious butt and sounds deliciously good cranked up to maximum volume. I only ever bought these two albums so I couldn't tell you whether any of their other stuff is any good. I know their cover of Ballroom Blitz is dreadful and after that I refused to buy any more of their albums. For two albums though Krokus delivered the goods. Incidentally, the band has undergone a few personnel changes and are still kicking around and just finished a US Tour.

Stayed Awake All Night by Krokus
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For comparison and to let you judge for yourself, I will include Bachman Turner Overdrive's original version of the song here also. It comes from the first self titled BTO album. While not bad you can tell for yourself that the Swiss guys really turned it up a notch.

Stayed Awake All Night by Bachman Turner Overdrive
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