Monday, November 14, 2005

When Musicians Have Fun

Today in Music History:

2004, The Rolling Stones were refused permission to pursue a claim against their former record company Decca for unpaid royalties through the courts. A High Court judge in London said the dispute must go to arbitration and not be decided in court. The dispute centres on their Forty Licks compilation CD, which was released in 2002 and was the first collection to span their entire career.
Mojo at GracelandBeen a rough week, sorry been gone so long. Well obviously everyone that comes here to snatch a song agrees with me. I must be the best otherwise there would be a few dissenting comments. I'm number 1, no one argues yay. Don't you love to listen to music when you can tell the artist is having a ball making the recording. As I was thinking of the old days when MTV used to play videos, I got to thinking about the original VJ's and Martha Quinn popped into my head. Then a song about Martha Quinn called Stuffin' Martha's Muffin by the one and only Mojo Nixon. Mojo was a darling of the early MTV. Until he wrote a song that dissed MTV.(maybe it was that Martha song). Then he was banned from their high falutin TV channel. Now that high falutin' TV channel is a piece of garbage and Mojo is still priceless.

Think of Mojo as a real working class guy. Telling it like it really is. Kinda like Bruce Springsteen without the stick up his ass. I loved Mojo and I am still waiting for his comeback. If ever music needed Mojo it's now. Hillbilly, rockabilly, politically incorrect and a musician that really speaks his mind and doesn't give a flying fuck what anyone thinks. Yeah, gotta love that. We need that now.

I got two Mojo Nixon gems for you. This first one is probably one of the nastiest and fun songs he ever did. Fun and nasty? That was Mojo, you could tell he was having a blast with every song he recorded. He never took himself to serious.This first song is an easy X-rated litany that probably sounds better if you're slightly (or totally) inebriated. AS I say in the upper right corner of this blog, "advisory". Example lyric: grandma's get down with an ear of corn.

Tie my Pecker to My Leg by Mojo Nixon

It's a keeper by golly

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(File taken down, check current posts for some more great music)

Then I have this gem culled from some long lost website. It's also my favorite Mojo song. I tried to find it the other day and it's gone. Sob. It's a bootleg recording of Mojo of a show he did in Vancouver,CA in 2003 and it is fucking hilarious. He rips George Bush a new asshole in this one. It's even funnier now that Mr. George's administration is falling down around his knees. It's like Mojo knew all along. Well I knew all along the war in Iraq was bogus and so did most Americans. It's like he was a mind reader. Nothing is sacred in this one. MUST HAVE song. If you steal nothing else this year it must be this one. By the way Mojo loves it when you download one of his songs illegally.

Louisiana Liplock (live) by Mojo Nixon
(File taken down, check current posts for some more great music)

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