Friday, December 23, 2005


Today in Music History:

IN 1964, During a US tour Beach Boy Brian Wilson had a nervous breakdown during a flight from Los Angeles to Houston. Wilson left the band to concentrate on writing and producing. Glen Campbell replaced Wilson for the bands live shows.
Before I get on with http://rapidthis post I have to mention a couple things and then I'll get on with it. First off I have to a huge shout out to wick with a big thank you. Secondly I've had so many people coming here and clicking on my last year's Ramones Christmas post that I put the song back up and you can catch it here. I've seen a few other blogs already posted it but it's there if you want to take a look. Thirdley, I probably won't post again until after Christmas and maybe even New Years, don't fret Homercat will be around somewhere.
I don't know why I was thinking about this but it explains this post about Nazareth. Back in the AM radio days as a kid that was the only music you were exposed to. As a kid soaking up music, the radio quickly numbed me and not knowing any cool people to expose me to new music, I had to think of a way to find new music. The next time I was in the record store I came up with a solution. I would start buying albums by people I had never heard of based solely on how cool the album cover was. So my very first pick was this album with some cool lightning bolts and a cool sounding name. I'll try this one my wee self thought. The album was Raz a Ma Naz by Nazareth. Took it home, played it and was blown away. Remember I was just a little kid in 73. I thought "these guys are gonna be huge". This scottish hard rock quartet did not disappoint. In 1975 they released Hair of the Dog and the rest is history. The album contained the mega power ballad Love Hurts and the total kick you in the ass, title cut. Now you're messin with a son of a bitch. Good Stuff. I had the opportunity to see Nazareth in 1981 in a little college gymnasium and holy shit, did they ever rock. Still a favorite band of mine so how about a couple tracks from these classic rockers

Telegram by Nazareth
(File taken down, check current posts for some more great music)

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Love Leads to Madness by Nazareth
(File taken down, check current posts for some more great music)

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Funny Toon

Merry Christmas Everyone!