Monday, December 19, 2005

Return of Homercat

Today in Music History:

1957, Elvis Presley had his draft notice served on him for the US Army. He went on to join the 32nd Tank Battalion third Armor Corps based in Germany.
HOMERCAT HUMBUGMerry Christmas!! Allo Alloo. Apologies to my regular readers and a big ho hum to you leechers. I'm back!! But later than I said. Is anyone else as tired of this asswipe Christmas holiday as I am. Before you get your turds in an uproar, let me say this. Christmas has become so commercialized that I get sick to my stomach to venture out in public and watch the feverish masses trying to outbuy each other. I don't think my bud Jesus had that in mind when he was born. Buy Buy Buy big and hard and there art you shall be righteous and be in God's glory. I loves my Jeebus, but I would rather go to hell than have WalMart tell me my love of Jesus is based on how much money I spend, so this year I am boycotting the commercialization of a glorious holiday. No one is getting a present from me, and I am refusing any presents to me. Exceptions: Presents I make myself to give to others. Or if you made your gift to me. Hallelujah!

I'm just tired of it, TV telling me that if I don't buy a $3,000 plasma TV for my family, 10 cell phones for anyone I might happen to know for this special family plan or a billion dollar diamond for my wife, then I'm just a piece of shit. What kind of fuckin' dreamworld do people live in to even think that people can afford shit like this.

I can't and I know most folks can't, so I gots a gift for you guys. Free. One of many from me to you. Was in a thrift store on my travels and came across a 50 cent copy of of a Slade album called Rogues Gallery. Not Fifty cent, as in the worst rap artist of all time but fifty cent as in American dollars of a bonafide Slade album(that should never be in a fitty cent bin). Slade, who makes fifty cent sound like a turd at the end of a worm bowel movement. Oooh come shoot me Curtis. So the gift is a great slice of Slade from 1985, and if you guys are are really good maybe Santa homercat will release the Slade Christmas song in a couple days. If y'all request it.

But damn what a steal for fitty cent. By the way it's a gooder, would I steer you wrong? Steal it now while you can.

Little Shiela by Slade
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For those of you who continue to punish yourselves, I'm not a complete asshole. Even though I think all of you shoppers have lost your mind. Here's a good remake. Eighties plus my fave band=gooder hoser.

Do They Know it's Christmas
by The Barenaked Ladies
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And for sheer fun!!

Santa's Gonna Kick Your Ass by The Arrogant Worms
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Xmas Toon

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