Friday, December 02, 2005

Rockin' Christmas

Today in Music History:

In 1997, A man died after falling from a balcony during a Rolling Stones concert at Pontiac Silverdome, Michigan.
As you can see the Christmas decorations are up. Rockin' should be back to normal now. Most of the bugs have been ironed out and I'm happy to report that since the new OS has gone operational, I have yet to see a blue screen of death. Since thaty's cause for celebrating, it almost makes homercat feel downright Christmasy. So I'll start my first December post with a rockin' Xmas tune. I won't post many holiday stuff so get em while they're hot.
Billy IdolAs it's also nearing the end of the year, people tend to post lists of the best whatever of the past year. This yuletide screamer comes from my pick for best album of 2005. Billy Idol's Devils Playground. Not sure who else will make the list but the #1 spot is in the bag. Warren Zevon himself once said that Billy Idol was a great songwriter, great praise from a songwriting genius, and Devils Playground showcases Idol at his best. Although this album was released In March, the seventh track is a great Xmas tune called Yellin' At The Xmas Tree. Just take a gander at part of the lyrics
Santa's balls are jingling
Mommy's hips a-wiggling
But Daddy, he don't hear 'em
He's yellin'
He's yellin' at the Christmas tree
Hey if you're having a Christmas party and you want to liven things up just slip this sucker in the rotation.

Yellin' at the Christmas Tree by Billy Idol
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Since I mentioned Warren Zevon in this post, I thought I would offer up another Zevon goodie. In my earlier post about Warren (scroll down it's there somewhere) I featured a song off of his first major release. Today is one from his ninth studio release Life'll Kill Ya.

My Shit's Fucked Up by Warren Zevon
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