Friday, January 20, 2006

The Inevitable Rant

Today in Music History:

In 1982 Ozzy Osbourne chews the head off of a bat in Des Moines, Iowa.
My yearly rant about the top 40 Hall of Fame, er, I mean Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is long overdue since the 2006 inductees were announced some time ago. Black Sabbath, Blondie, Miles Davis, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Sex Pistols and Herb Alpert & Jerry Moss. Nice to see Sabbath finally being recognized. Miles Davis was a helluva jazz musician but why he should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I'm not sure. I mean, Michael Jordan was a hell of an athlete, but I wouldn't want to see him in the Baseball Hall of Fame. I like the Sex Pistols but how do they rate before Alice Cooper? In case you haven't been keeping track, here's the list of all inducteesIncluding quite a few artists that for some darn reason have made it to the hall before other more deserving folks. After all this is the Rock and Roll hall of fame right? Passed over once again are such folk as Alice Cooper, The Stooges, the Guess Who, the Hollies, Genesis, Steppenwolf, KISS, Grand Funk, Three Dog Night, John Mellencamp, Rush, Cheap Trick, Link Wray, Roxy Music, T-Rex, Mitch Ryder, April Wine, Deep Purple, and oh hell the list is too damn long. Thank goodness we got Michael Jackson in there twice and those hard rockers Jackson Browne, James Taylor, Richie Valens(him and his three songs) and Dusty Springfield.

Here's how the process works in a nutshell. Once a year, a committee of around 20-25 people involved in the music business get together for a meeting. They are record company execs, critics, producers, journalists and other bottom feeders. They are given an updated list of artists who have become eligible as well as the artists who have not been inducted yet (as well as artists who will never be inducted). They narrow down the list, discuss and debate the merits of the artists and then vote and narrow the list to a small group of artists - I think it's usually around 15-20(?). These are the nominees.

Then a ballot of this list is sent out to a few thousand or so people (more music biz people-managers, more execs, Dick Clark type people, etc.). Notice that nobody musical talent ever votes. These people vote for a certain number of the artists and the votes are counted and you have your inductees.

Stop the madness. I for one intend to never visit the Hall of Fame for their inability to recognize true rock and roll. I believe that the backstreet boys will be inducted before Alice Cooper or KISS get recognized. and that's just wrong. That's all.

Now to showcase the fact that I'm a supportewr of all kinds of music I will give you an odd assortment today to tide you over the weekend.

First tune is a cute little ditty that I just recently learned the dance for, well it's not really a dance. It's more like the hokey pokey and it's loads of fun to do when you're well in your cups. Perhaps you know the dance using a beer can as the horn of the unicorn. No one sings this classic better than the Irish Rovers.

The Unicorn by The Irish Rovers
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Years ago when I could manage to stay up late and watch Letterman on the tube, he had this violinist on as his musical guest and she flippin blew me away. She was playin this red white and blue electric fiddle and was blazing away. By the time she was done I was all hot and sweaty. Especially since she was uber hot. Here is Vanessa Mae performing that old Mason Williams standard.

Classical Gas by Vanessa Mae
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Jack Black is a wildly talented guy, a comedic genius, a great dramatic actor and a bitchin guitarist. While Jack is riding high in that little Peter Jackson film that's out now, let's not forget that he is also a member of the greatest band on earth, Tenacious D. For anyone who has been living under a rock and hasn't had the pleasure of hearing Tenacious D, you'll get a chance today. I especially dig the 10 Commandments of the D. Keep rocking hard D.

Fuck Her Gently by Tenacious D
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And just because it's Friday and it's my blog and Tom Jones is The Man!

If I Only Knew by Tom Jones
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Have a good weekend!

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