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Today in Music History:

In 1970 Davey Jones quits the Monkees, following Peter Tork who left one year earlier.
piratesI fixed the Nazareth link finally, if anyone was trying to get Love leads to Madness. Pop stars have long been drawn towards pirate culture, due to its anti-establishmentism and motley dress. An early 1960s British pop group called themselves Johnny Kidd and the Pirates, and wore eye-patches while they performed. Kidd and the Pirates had their greatest success with the powerful song "Shakin' All Over", which which features memorable opening guitars and reached number 1 in the UK singles charts in 1960. The song and the group's power trio lineup both made a strong impression on The Who, who would cover it in their 1970 album Live at Leeds. Early in their career, the Who played on the same bill as Johnny Kidd & the Pirates, and it was through watching the Pirates at work that they arrived at their own sound of a solo singer backed by a guitar, bass, and drums. Johnny Kidd was killed in a car crash on October 7, 1966.

In 1976 Kidd's old backing group reformed in October. Guitarist Mick Green, bassist Johnny Spence and drummer Frank Farley got together for old times sake. Initially they had no plans to play no more than a couple gigs. These guys played loud, brash, raucous, in your face rock n roll. After some excellent reviews they were signed by Warner Brothers and cut two excellent albums. Out of their Heads(77) and Skull Wars(78). skull wars I happened upon these albums, not by word of mouth or even by having heard them. Once again I had picked up an album based upon it's album cover. How could I resist an album when the cover depicted a skull in a Darth Vader helmet. I took the Skull Wars album home played it and then ran back out to the record store and picked up Out of Their Heads.

I think wick says it best from a comment he left earlier.
"Out Of Their Skulls" is as good if not better than many of the live records ever made!

Mick Green was guitar hero to the likes of Pete Townshend and George Harrison. He can "scrub" the hell out of a telecaster and make it sound like a guitar army.

Johnny Spence & Frank Farley are the perfect runaway train of a rhythm section to compliment Mr. Green.

The songs-"Shakin' All Over" (from the Kidd days)-"Gibson,Martin, Fender" (3 of a session man's best friends)and tons of covers make for an earblasting treat.

According to this page, the Pirates are due to release a new album in the spring of this year and are currently rehearsing, although Frank Farley is unable to contribute to any future band activities due to a hand injury. Darn. That is about all I've been able to track down for now and can't confirm for sure if we will indeed get a new Pirates album. In the meantime get (re)acquainted with the Pirates and if you can find any of their stuff, grab it up.

Drinking Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee by The Pirates
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Don't Munchen It by The Pirates
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