Friday, January 06, 2006

Revenge of the Nerds

Today in Music History:

In 1977, EMI Records dropped The Sex Pistols, giving the band $68,000 to release them from their contract.
There's no accounting for tastes when it comes to music. What some folks love, others detest with a passion. Myself I can usually find a bit of good in almost any kind of music. For example, I really hate rap music but I really like Insane Clown Posse. Twenty years ago I thought U2 was terrible and now I find that I enjoy them. I like Iron Maiden but don't like Megadeath. I like Laurie Anderson but can't stand Kate Bush. I like classical music yet have a hard time with jazz. I like The Knack yet I think Coldplay is the biggest load of crap to ever appear on this planet. I can't stand to hear that guy whing(whine-sing). Along with the whining, every song I've heard of theirs sounds exactly alike. Anyway this is a half assed explanation why I like these next two bands.
they might be giantsI'm a sucker for the music of They Might Be Giants. The little lady refers to this group as "those might be men guys" and is not quite as big a fan as I am. I can't resist the infectious melodies interlaced with a quirky, bizarre sense of humor. When John Flansburgh and John Linnell were in high scholl together they began writing songs. They went their separate ways when they went off to college, but in 1981 they got back together to pursue a music career. They took their name from a George C. Scott film and started performing their original material with a drum machine as their backing band. They built a cult following around the Manhattan under ground but couldn't secure a record deal. Their solution? They set up Dial-A-Song -- a phone line that played songs on an answering machine -- as a way to get their songs heard. The gimmick worked. Not only did it lead to a deal with the indie label Bar/None, but over the years it was a successful venture; at one point, the service was receiving hundreds of calls a day.

After a couple albums TMBG signed with Elektra records in 1990, releasing the album Flood later that year. Flood worked its way to gold status, thanks to the singles "Birdhouse in Your Soul" and "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)." Just when they were getting big, grunge came along and effectively buried them. They are still hard at work today and I still love those offbeat lyrics and melodies. For the song I chose a cut from the Apollo 18 album and it's the best version of the wee mo weh song,(lion sleeps tonight).

The Guitar by They Might Be Giants
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DevoAs long as I'm on the subject of nerd rock, I'll throw in a Devo tune, just because I likes me some Devo. It's funny but the Devo song I like the least is probably the biggest hit they had which was Whip It. Q:Are we not men? A: We are homercat.

That's Good by Devo
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And if these two songs aren't enough to hold you over the weekend, I can direct you here to one of my earliest posts, where I put the nips back up for a limited time in case you missed it the first time around. Not necessarily a nerd band, just a song I really like eh.

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