Monday, January 23, 2006

TER Part 2

Today in Music History:

In 1976, The Sex Pistols played at Watford College, Watford, England.
pistolsIn 1972 Paul Cook (drums), Steve Jones (vocals) and Wally Nightingale (guitar) formed a band called The Strand. Somewhere in there they recruited a guy named Glen Matlock for bass duties. Then nightingale left and Jones took over guitar. Why these guys thought hanging around a clothesshop was cool I'll never know, but that's where they met Johnny Rotten(Lydon) and he auditioned for the band singing the song I'm Eighteen by the Alice Cooper band. I think I rest my case here for Alice Cooper's total dis for not being elected into the Hall. I loved the Pistols, they could have been a force but when Matlock was canned to bring in the no talent Vicious on bass they were doomed. Jones being the only member with any chops. The SexPistols were awesome for a DIY garage band that played at the best, badly. Thus their appeal. Especially at a time when youth were so sick of disco and the Eagles that they needed some kind of release. Kids were thinking, hey I can do this and I think that's what scared parents. Unfortunately at this time, the Ramones were doing, and had been doing this for a while and had 20 times more talent and were totally ignored by everyone. Now that all the members are dead we realize that the Ramones gave birth to the Pistols.

To this day, as far as I'm concerned London Calling is the numero uno album ever. Scary? The Clash should have been the band parents should have been scared of. Along with the angst their music made you think and left the Pistols in the dust.

But bottom line is when I heard Killer in 1971 by the Alice cooper band, well that's a classic. To this day Dead Babies gives me the goosebumps and God Bless the Queen doesn't, and never will. Because the Coop dared to address the growing problem of parental neglect in a weird creepy song and to this day, scary child abuse is a problem that should not even be an issue in these "modern" times.

So if you think a guy who sang an Alice cooper song for his audition deserves HOF status before said coop, Yall I say you are all dead wrong. But hey the Pistols rank #6 on my all time best rock albums of all time.(And Zeppelin is not on my list, gasp)Am I rambling? Probably but I knows what I know. Like Steve Jones had the shit like you can hear here from his solo album from 1987's Mercy. Sorry if the quality ain't so great, you'll just have to buy it. He recently played on the King's daughter's album. Lisa Marie.
kisses eh?

Give it up
by Steve Jones
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Once again

Dead Babies by Alice Cooper
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