Monday, February 06, 2006


Today in Music History:

Feb 5, 2006 The Rolling Stones are censored during their performance at the half time show at Super Bowl 40, seems the word cocks is too harsh for the American public.
One time you were my baby chicken
Now you've grown into a fox
Once upon a time I was your little rooster
But am I just one of your cocks

Yes this was such an insidious lyric that the Super Bowl Gods deemed this unfit for American consumption and censored Mick. Granted it's a little suggestive but no more so than an episode of CSI I watched and they showed a used condom on the nightstand and dude said, looks like he came before he went. Maybe Mick voluntarily bowed to the money god and merely mouthed the offensive chicken term so he could collect his paycheck. Whatever the case it was wrong on so many levels that as an American I am disgusted on so many levels that I am sick. As a Canadian I find it hilarious because for a country that claims to be free, they have so many restrictions on what their populace can see or hear, Any way every rock history show will tell you how the Stones or the Doors were so dangerous that when they appeared on TV back in the 60's they were told to change their lyrics.

So I guess The Stones are still too dangerous for the general populace. Maybe that's a good thing. The religious powers that control the US think that cocks is horrible. So the bad boys are still bad boys. On the other hand it's the 2000's and questionable words are taboo but guns are great. That's just ignorant. I feel censorship in any way shape or form is the worst. Why? Because that's when the higher ups start telling you what you can see, hear ,read and Which brings us to a little tune from a movie called 1984 which this song emanates, the 1984 version of this classic novel, which was also Richard Burton's last movie.

SexCrime1984 by the Eurythmics
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